the cottage is owned by Linda Campbell and Ann Vaughan. Both are residents of Leesburg, Virginia who love the quaintness and small town feel of their historic downtown 12 room Victorian store--as much as they love filling it with unique, affordable vintage finds and home accessories.

Linda started out in sports journalism (of all things!) before she listened seriously to her true calling to follow her artistic talents. After a short stint in an exceedingly boring office job, she found success as a caterer and florist, among other things, finally settling comfortably and naturally into selling antiques in a multi-dealer shop. It was there that she met her friend and soon-to-be business partner, Ann.

Ann similarly started out life as something completely different from the treasure-hunter she is now, although the love of the good vintage find seems to be in her blood. Inspired by her beloved special-needs brother Frank and armed with a masters degree in special education, Ann worked with special folks helping them achieve independence and quality life experiences. Although this work was incredibly rewarding, it eventually took a toll on our tender-hearted Ann and left her little time to devote to her own little ones. She found a slower pace and less stress-filled life in selling vintage finds at a local multi-dealer shop.




Both Linda and Ann have always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt for good old vintage stuff. They love finding old well loved things that are full of character and life and repurposing them in unique, out-of-the-box ways.

Together Linda and Ann make a fabulous team. They combined their talents and officially opened the doors of the cottage in October of 2005, creating a freshly welcoming, inspirational and friendly place to shop for fabulous one of a kind items and other delightful finds.

The cottage offers everything from ironstone bowls, farm tables, painted cupboards, iron beds, chandeliers, candles and bedspreads!

Linda and Ann are focused on keeping the shop fresh and dynamic in hopes that you'll find inspiration each time you stop by. "We hope to help you create a home that reflects your own uniquely personal style," says Ann. Their biggest turn off, she continues, is "stuffy museum-like antique stores where nothing ever seems to change and nothing can be found for less than a kajillian dollars."

"We are all about fun, funky and thinking-outside-the-vintage-box. Stop in and see us the next time you're in town, or check out what's new on our blog."

Happy Shopping!


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